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Presentation of the book: SEAT 600 Carrocerías especiales

May 6

12:00 pm


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Pablo Murillo Barrionuevo, presents the launching of his new book entitled SEAT 600 Carrocerías Especiales, su historia y sus creadores. An exhaustive analysis of the history of cars with special bodywork derived from the SEAT 600, covering from the first out-of-series examples with bodywork in 1957 to the last models presented to the public in 1982. 

The book focuses on the designers and coachbuilders who used the SEAT 600 platform to create sports, family or leisure and beach cars. An important contribution to understand the automotive panorama in Spain in the 50s, 60s and 70s, and to value the efforts of the creators of these cars which today have become coveted collector's items. 

Pablo Murillo Barrionuevo is co-founder of the SEAT 800 Club of Spain and a hobby researcher. Noted for collaborating on articles and reports on SEAT cars along with his great passion for Spanish automotive history, which led him to write this book, his second work after the 2014 publication of his monograph on the SEAT 800.

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