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Urban Culture

RE-ART: Sustainable Art Exhibition

From July 10

to September 7

Guided tours

Sustainable Art addresses environmental or social issues through the use of simple or discarded objects. This summer, we invite you to discover the creations of some of the most outstanding artists in this field thanks to the exhibition "RE-ART: Sustainable Art Exhibition".

If you visit CASA SEAT, you will discover a sample of the work of 15 artists who have made the recovery, reuse and recycling of materials their ethical and aesthetic positioning, creators who used and use their work to raise awareness of the need to care for the environment and address social challenges.

The exhibition features a selection of works by pioneers of Sustainable Art who have inspired subsequent generations:

- HA Schult
- Modest Cuixart

And by current sustainable artists from different artistic traditions whose projects, using a wide variety of materials and techniques, have been exhibited in many countries:

- 3-DKE
- Àlex Cardona
- Augustine Namatsi Okubo
- Ignat C. de Michaelis
- Indira Urrutia
- Jana Álvarez
- Jordi Prat Pons
- José Manuel Carretero
- Lisa Rubin
- Luis Cebaqueva
- Nicolas Maas
- Nourathar Studio
- Ocean Sole

is not only an exhibition, but an experience that invites visitors to reconsider the value of discarded materials and the impact of our daily actions. Join us at CASA SEAT from 10 July to 7 September and discover how art can help transform consciences to build a more sustainable world.

Exhibition organised in collaboration with Drap-Art.

Free admission during the opening hours of the space.