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Raffle: Intimate Flaixbac with Lola Índigo

May 11

5:00 pm



CASA SEAT and Ràdio Flaixbac join once again to celebrate the "Intimate Flaixbac", a series of interviews on current issues with top level artists of the music scene. This time, the event will feature one of the most popular singers of the moment: Lola Índigo!

Lola Índigo
has earned a place in the industry thanks to her unique and energetic style, which combines her dancing skills with her powerful and expressive voice. Since her debut, Lola has been recognized for her musical versatility and her ability to fuse different genres in her songs.

At this Intimate Flaixbac at CASA SEAT, Lola Índigo will offer an in-depth interview about her life, music and career. Fans will have the opportunity to learn about her inspirations, challenges and experiences in the music industry.

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