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Urban Culture

Summer Cinema: Ramona

August 17 

7:00 pm

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Lourdes Hernández (Russian Red) makes her cinematic debut in this delightful comedy reminiscent of Noah Baumbach’s Frances Ha playing Ramona, an aspiring actress who returns to Madrid after spending years abroad, determined to start anew.

Upon settling back in Madrid with her boyfriend, Nico, Ramona is excited about a fresh start, dreaming of becoming an actress, entering motherhood and thriving in the vibrant Lavapiés neighbourhood. However, her dreams are soon dashed as she finds herself struggling to land auditions, facing unstable job prospects and living in a building plagued by two occupied flats selling drugs, leaving her in a constant state of terror.

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes.

Language: Spanish.

For the full experience, we offer a special combo of popcorn and soft drink for €5. Come to the restaurant and take it with you.

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