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She Leads The Revolution: Transforming Marketing in a Feminine Key

March 7

9:30 am

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Discover how leading brands are transforming their narratives and connecting with audiences in previously unimaginable ways, all through the power of the female perspective.

The female perspective has become a key force redefining marketing and communication, leading brands and projects to achieve impressive results and showcasing what we had overlooked. The Marketing Club Barcelona invites you to explore this transformative approach in our upcoming roundtable discussion, featuring the prominent case of PLÁTANO MELÓN and the participation of experts in this new marketing approach.

Discover how market-leading brands are reshaping their stories and connecting with audiences in groundbreaking ways through the female lens. Join professionals who are changing the rules, in pursuit of success and a more inclusive future.

This event, ideal for those who value the impact of the female perspective on global change, is open to all interested in marketing, from entrepreneurs to creatives and project leaders.

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