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Urban Culture

Skate, Street Art & Music

January 15

6:30 pm

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Do not miss the opening event of the exhibition "Fusta i Rodes: la història del Skate"

Sören Manzoni, creative director of the exhibition and founder of the first skate museum in Spain, which has one of the most impressive collections of skateboard culture in Europe, will engage in a conversation with some of the protagonists who helped showing the world all the possibilities that skateboarding offers and raised the world of skateboarding to another level in our country.

We will also have a show and musical tour, reflected in the exhibition, by Sören, and with the participation of the urban art artist Ana Gabriela, who will be "tuning" and painting the skateboards of all the attendees who are interested.

An event in which skateboarding, music and urban art as a lifestyle will be the main characters!