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Urban Culture

Solar Portraits

From September 1

to October 29 

The CASA SEAT new exhibition features the photographic storytelling of Rubén Salgado Escudero’s Solar Portraits. Through this collection, the photographer highlights the importance of solar power as a solution for communities without access to electricity and invites us to reflect on the unequal access to electricity in different parts of the planet.

This project, which Salgado Escudero started in Myanmar in 2014, portrays people and communities in Asia, Africa, America and Europe lit only with solar- powered lamps to call attention to the transformative power of generating electricity from the sun. We invite you to discover the stories behind the pictures and to get a first-hand look at these extremely beautiful images, some of which have been published in the most prestigious magazines, such as National Geographic, Time, Geo and El País Semanal. After having been exhibited in more than 20 cities around the world, this photographic project will be on display for the first time on the Iberian Peninsula at CASA SEAT.

Free entry during the opening hours of the space.