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Sustainability in the Brand DNA: Avoiding Greenwashing Traps

May 30

9:00 am

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In a world increasingly aware of the environmental and social impact of companies, sustainability has positioned itself as a fundamental value for brands seeking to connect with their consumers in an authentic way. However, on this path to sustainability, there is a risk of greenwashing, i.e., the practice of promoting an image of environmental responsibility that does not correspond to the company's actual actions.

To address this issue, we have brought together leading experts in sustainability and marketing:


- Laia Mas, Sustainability & Business Partner / Former Corporate Director and Sustainability at Danone.
- Anna Palencia, Director of Communication and Sustainability at Unilever Spain.
- Raquel Álvarez, Head of Marketing Spain & Portugal at Rituals.

Moderator: Sílvia Roig, Member of the Board of Directors of Club Marketing Barcelona / Former Chief Marketing & Trade Officer at HEURA.

Event organized by Club Marketing Barcelona.

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