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Draw TEDxBarcelona: Life

February 26


Relive the event

He attends the annual TEDxBarcelona 2022 event, a unique day where extraordinary people will present your ideas to live a life in health.

The annual event consists of several conferences divided into two sessions throughout the day, including the attendees being able to enjoy a fair where some companies in Barcelona will present their innovative products. The event will be a good opportunity to make networking and connect to other troublesome minds in the world TEDxBarcelona.

The presentations of the event will be starring:

1st Ponence: 16:00h – 17:30h

Fira and TED videos: 17:30h – 18:30h

2nd Ponence: 18:30h – 20:00h

Check all the speakers on the web: TEDxBarcelona