Draw TEDxBarcelona: Life

February 26


Good Luck!

He attends the annual TEDxBarcelona 2022 event, a unique day where extraordinary people will present your ideas to live a life in health.

The annual event consists of several conferences divided into two sessions throughout the day, including the attendees being able to enjoy a fair where some companies in Barcelona will present their innovative products. The event will be a good opportunity to make networking and connect to other troublesome minds in the world TEDxBarcelona.

The presentations of the event will be starring:

1st Ponence: 16:00h – 17:30h

José Cruset (Director of TEDxBarcelona)
Chris Anderson (Curator at TED)
Nuria Montserrat (ICREA Research Professor)
Violeta Moizé (Associate UB promoter in nutrition)
Anneke Stolk (Instagreen Coaser)
Carlos Gonzalez and Neus Carol Gres (Project AFIN)

Fira and TED videos: 17:30h – 18:30h

Dan Buettner (How To Live To Be 100+)
Jaume Oliver (Teach Every Child About Food)
Tim Urban (Inside the mind of master procrastinator)

2nd Ponence: 18:30h – 20:00h

Chris Anderson (Curator at TED)
Carol Blázquez (Innovation and Sustainability director in ECOALF)
Lucía Hernández (Consultor for the UN)
Carlos Alcoba (Chairman of Sister Civic)
María Hernández-Alcal (CEO de Futurlife21)

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