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The benefits of diversity in companies

October 3

12:00 pm

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In recent months, headlines, studies, companies, and organizations have shown their intentions to create diversity and inclusion plans.

Some listed companies need to continue strengthening their environmental, social, and governance policies and even the criteria required by rating agencies. In addition, there is a demand from people, who as consumers choose companies with purposes.

In this session we offer a dialogue between two professional experts in D&I. Eva Vila-Massanas, co-founder of WeEQUAL, which has created diversity plans for companies from all sectors, global and local, and Amalia Santallúsia, Global Director of ESG at Fluidra, one of the IBEX companies that is implementing its first Diversity plan, Equity and Inclusion at a Global level, in more than 45 countries.

This event will feature a sign language interpreter.

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