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Urban Culture

The good life: exercises to live better

June 29

7:00 pm

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The vacations, in addition to a time of disconnection, are a time to take stock and consider how to continue our existence. The question is: what is the good life? There are as many recipes for a better life as there are people. In this meeting we will have the testimony and knowledge of three professionals who are dedicated to making life more pleasant:

- Antonio Larruy, author of Espacio Interior. The adventure of being oneself.
- Anna Vicen Renner, author of La ambición amable (The Kind Ambition).
- Vilma Montoliu, author of Meditar dona vida.

They will offer us their testimony and a series of exercises and routines that can make everyday life more rewarding.

For this event, we offer the possibility of enjoying a TOP Experience associated with the event that, in addition to two preferential seats in our auditorium, includes a gastronomic experience in our restaurant right after the event for 42€ for two people.

The TOP Experience money will only be refunded if cancelled 72 hours in advance; if cancelled with less time, it must be rescheduled for another day within 30 days and contact to do so.

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