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Urban Culture

Summer Cinema: Un efecto óptico

August 11 

7:00 pm

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Carmen Machi and Pepón Nieto are a bored couple who decide to break the monotony with a trip to New York that they will never forget, or so they think. A comedy that hides many surprises.

Alfredo and Teresa are a married couple from Burgos who travel to New York with the intention of "disconnecting" and making all the plans in the guidebook. But as soon as they land, they begin to perceive signs, subtle and not so subtle, that they are not really in the city that the agency sold them. Where are they then?

Duration: 1 hour 18 minutes.
Language: Spanish.

For the full experience, we offer a special combo of popcorn and soft drink for €5. Come to the restaurant and take it with you.

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