Events in Barcelona:2024:04:"Verdades penúltimas" de Pedro Vallín & Javier Gomá COM/EN

Urban Culture

"Verdades penúltimas" de Pedro Vallín & Javier Gomá

April 9

6:30 pm

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The journalist Pedro Vallín and the philosopher and essayist Javier Gomá, will present for the first time in Spain their new book: "Verdades penúltimas" (Penultimate Truths). An extraordinary conversation between two liberal friends who reflect together today on the state of the world. The inevitable imperfection of the world, the generalised malaise, indignation, the conspiracy theory and the theory of nyap, the dignity of the individual, the difficult management of the annoyance of existing...

The two authors will talk about this book written by four hands and will share their view on a time and a state of things, clearly perceived as worse than they are.

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