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Urban Culture

Víctor Braojos Recital: Esencia romántica

June 1

12:30 pm

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What better defines the romantic spirit than the tireless search for that which is unfathomable that brings to light our most secret longings? The pianist Víctor Braojos will offer us a recital in which the poetic self will be the protagonist thanks to his intense and original interpretation of two emblematic compositions of the period.

Enric Granados' Escenas Románticas will immerse us in one of the Catalan composer's most personal works, with a passionate sonority full of subtleties. In addition, Braojos will also perform the last sonata written by Franz Schubert -one of the greatest monuments of piano literature of all time- and, with it, will make us relive the longings, fears and hopes that the Viennese composer left as a legacy before his death at the age of only 31.

Concert organized in collaboration with Joventuts Musicals de Barcelona and Joventuts Musicals de Catalunya.

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