Urban Culture

Voces autorizadas: the footballers take the floor

March 31

6:30 pm

Relive the event

The exhibition Football. Art. Icons. will be at CASA SEAT from 29 March to 28 May. It is an exhibition that plays with art, football and iconography that has been put together by the illustrator Guillem Bosch and the magazine Panenka.

To kick off this exhibition, we have arranged a get-together between Guillem Bosch, the artist responsible for the 26 illustrations spread throughout the space, and two well-known personalities linked to the world of football, the former Barcelona and Espanyol player Jofre Mateu and the sports journalist Danae Boronat.

In this discussion, moderated by Panenka coordinator Roger Xuriach, the guests will debate the power of footballers in generating states of opinion and becoming icons; the power of their words in generating mass idols and models for society.

The talk takes its name from the section that Guillem Bosch produces every month in Panenka magazine, Voces Autorizadas (Authoritative Voices), where a footballer is portrayed through one of their most famous phrases.