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Urban Culture

Women Z Fest

October 9th

II Sessions:
11am // 5:30pm

Relive the event

Do not miss WomenZ at CASA SEAT, a journey through feminine energy where all aspects of femininity are discussed, reflected and celebrated.

WomenZ FEST is the first festival dedicated to all Generation Z women, a creative, entrepreneurial, self-taught and vindictive generation, capable of changing the rules of the game as we know it today. A day full of experiences, which will feature creative performances, from artistic showcases to musical performances.

Diva Deva:
Trap & Soul Singer
Paula Vieco: Freestyler
Judit Giró: Scientist and promoter. The Blue Box
Mar Blanch: Actress, singer, dancer and iCatKids collaborator.
La Prados: Stand-up comedian, illustrator and actress
Sofia Coll: Singer and La Voz Kids former contestant
Lys Duval: Writer, philosopher and activist