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Barcelona Marketing Meeting

November 23

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On the first day of the World Marketing FestivalCMB is hosting the Barcelona Marketing Meeting at CASA SEAT. A series of professional events with various speakers talking about keys, solutions, tools and trends in marketing.

Morning session:

10:00 am Presentation

-        Gabriele Palma, Director of CASA SEAT
-        Lluís Torra, President of Club Marketing Barcelona

10:15 am Keys to leading change in a hostile environment (digital)

-        Lluc Guarro, Director of Digital Business and Innovation at RocaSalvatella

11:00 am The case of Amazon: from A to Z

-        Andrés Núñez, Retail & CPG consultant

11:30 am Engagement. Solutions for companies

-        Berta Raventós, Marketing Cloud Account Executive at Salesforce
-        Manel Prat, Director of Marketing at Bon preu
-        Diego Bernabé, Head of Insights at Onclusive
-        Álvaro Montoliu, Founding President of AMT Comunicación
-        Modera: Pere San Martín, Vice President of Club Marketing Barcelona.

Afternoon session:

4:30 pm The age of Hype Marketing

-        Jordi Crespo, Managing Partner at Hamilton Global Intelligence

5:00 pm The future of energy

-       Sabina Duarte, Head of solar product at Holaluz

5:30 pm Talent and professions of the future

-        Franc Ponti, Professor of Neurocreativity and Innovation at EADA Business School
-        Carles Mur, Director of the Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at EAE Business School
-        Gerard Garcia, Founder of Deale
-        Mariana Bradach, Head of People & Recruitment at SeQura
-        Moderator: Pep Garcia, President of the Fòrum Acadèmic del Club Marketing Barcelona

6:15 pm Metaverse. Hype or Hope?

-        Aleix Valls, CEO and founder of Liquid Lab

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