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Urban Culture

Esther Paniagua presents 'Error 404'

9 November

6:30 pm

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Ready for a world without the Internet? 

Science and technology journalist and author Esther Paniagua is presenting her new book Error 404 at CASA SEAT. A striking essay that looks at the many ways the Internet is collapsing and how the network of networks could go down, the chaos that would unleash and how dependent we are on it. In her piece, Esther reveals who holds the keys to the Internet; she opens the door to the dark side of cyberspace and tries to get ahead of it before it’s too late. In short, she shows us the hidden machinations of a digital tyranny that even George Orwell and Aldous Huxley couldn’t have imagined.

The presentation will be moderated by journalist and writer Toni García.