Harvard Deusto Conversations: Limits and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence

18 November

9:30 am

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Artificial intelligence is advancing unstoppably, opening up a world of new possibilities that would have been unthinkable just a short time ago. In this new session of the Harvard Deusto Conversations, we will have a round panel discussion on the great possibilities offered by AI as well as its limitations, exploring the ethical, legal, data protection and fiscal challenges.

We will be joined by Sonia Paz Rodríguez (Business Transformation Officer at Havas Media Group), Jorge González Carrera (Director of Randstad Technologies)and Sergio Blas Morente (Head of Data & Artificial Intelligence en IBM España, Portugal, Grecia e Israel). The talk will be chaired by Alberto Díaz García (Host of the Harvard Deusto Conversations).

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