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RAC+1: Entrepreneurs

May 3th



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We present a new podcast of the program "Entrepreneurs" of RAC+1 made at CASA SEAT. This time you can enjoy the recording of new chapters of the program directed by Oriol Llop:

Entrepreneurs for a better quality of life
Thanks to scientific research and digital innovation, entrepreneurs have an enormous range of opportunities within their reach. The two guests on the Emprenedors (Entrepreneurs) podcast’s latest episode are clear proof of this phenomenon. Núria Pastor will present her idea for remotely monitoring a patient's progress, preventing unnecessary trips to hospital. And Judit Camargo will share her new solution against skin cancer that she is deploying through Roka Furadada.

Entrepreneurs who turn their passion into their startup project
How would you like to earn your living working on something that is your hobby? Turn your passion into your startup project. This dream has come true for the two guests on the Emprenedors podcast. Júlia Pérez is passionate about music and has launched a project to manufacture environmentally friendly musical instruments. And Júlia Mirete is a jewellery designer and takes part in a shared project with other jewellery shops to adopt ethical behaviours and not to work with materials that have been extracted or obtained through practices that are not respectful either to the human condition or to the environment.

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