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Urban Culture

RAC+1: Entrepreneurs

June 14th



Reviu l'esdeveniment

Introducing a new podcast of RAC1's Emprenedors programme hosted by CASA SEAT. Now you can enjoy the recording of new episodes from the show presented by Oriol Llop:

6:30 pm Green entrepreneurs

How can we improve the air we breathe in a city like Barcelona? There are other solutions that do not involve banning the use of cars. One example is to install air purifiers at strategic points in the city. Joaquim Cusí, CEO of Urban Air Purifier, will be telling us about this. And we will also be joined by Patricia Aymà, Venvirotech Biotechnology co-founder, who is considered to be one of the most promising entrepreneurs in the field of sustainable energy.

7:30 pm PropTech entrepreneurs

Is it possible to be a successful entrepreneur, sell your company and start a new venture in another sector? José Manuel Villanueva is a prime example. He founded Privalia, sold Privalia and now he is back with a new start-up. This time he is in the real estate sector. Trioteca is also in this sector, and manages more than 10,000 mortgages a year completely online, with no additional costs or expenses. Has digitalisation also changed the way we buy and sell properties? Well, there is no doubt about it. Attend the recording of the RAC1 podcast to find out for yourself.