Weekly Menu

From 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
€21.00 person (includes water)
Lettuce hearts from Tudela with Roquefort sauce and shavings of acorn-fed Iberian ham.
Pasta of the day.
Traditional gazpacho with lime and basil ice cream.
Traditional roasted pumpkin hummus with tortilla chips and crudités.
Veal stew in red wine.  
Fish of the day.  
Vegan option of the day.  
Rice from Molino de Roca and red prawns.  
Seasonal fruit.  
Creamy yoghurt with mango coulis.  
House ice cream.  


Booking is required

Welcome glass of cava


€30.00 person (includes water)

Signature tapa by Chef Aitor González
Artichoke confit in fines herbs for 14 hours, bathed in rich beef jus with Iberico ham dust soil.  
Smoked-aubergine carpaccio with Granny Smith jam, nuts, anchovies, rocket and Parmesan.  
Spinach and ricotta ravioli, mushroom sauce, egg yolk and Parmesan flakes.  
Slow-cooked skirt steak with jus reduction and truffled mash.  
Roasted sea bass with sliced roasted potatoes, mussels cooked in cava and Donostiarra sauce.  
Chocolate brownie.  
Spoonful of creamy yoghurt and mango coulis.  
Petits fours, coffee and tea.  


Breakfasts and snacks

10:00 am to 12:30 pm and 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Serrano ham sandwich €5.00
Ham sandwich €3.50
Cheese sandwich €3.50
Fuet (cured sausage) sandwich €3.50
Bacon and cheese sandwich €4.50
Truffled brie toastie €5.00
Avocado toast with cherry tomatoes €4.50
Avocado toast with cherry tomatoes and poached egg €6.00
Pain au chocolat €2.50
Ham and cheese croissant €2.50
Sauleda carrot cake €6.00
Sauleda cheesecake €6.00
Sauleda Sachertorte €6.00
Plum Cake (Ask your server for the flavours) €4.00

10:00 am to 12:30 pm

Eggs Benedict €8.00
Pancake, hot chocolate and cream €7.00
Churros with hot chocolate €6.00
More than tapas
Perelló crisps €2.00
Perelló mixed olives. €3.50
Trio of hummus with crudités and papadum. €16.00
*Tomato, basil and traditional hummus  
Nacho chips with cheddar cheese, shredded beef and pico de gallo. €14.50
Binomi-style spicy potato wedges. €7.00
Fries €3.50
Binomi selection of croquettes: (Unit price)  €2.00
*Baby cuttlefish in ink, goat cheese and caramelised onion, roasted meat, and ham explosion  
Wrap with chicken thigh in spiced sauce and rocket €7.00
Confit seasonal artichokes roasted with Iberico ham €16.00
Cheese board €18.50
*Truffled pecorino, 36-month Parmesan and Pecorino Regno di Sardegna  
Classic beef burger €12.90
*With lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese and caramelised onion
Vegan burger €12.90
*With pickled vegetables, rocket, tomato and hoisin-peanut sauce
Binomi sourdough pizza €12.90
*Housemade tomato sauce, burrata and ham
Caprese salad with burrata €12.50
*Tomatoes, burrata, basil oil and EVOO  
Northern salad €12.50
*Tomatoes, tuna belly, avocado and EVOO  
Seasonal green salad €8.00
*Ask your server for the ingredients  
Meat and fish
Tartare of wild bluefin tuna with ajoblanco, housemade tomato jam, figs and seasonal greens. €16.50
Tartare of mature-beef sirloin with chips and crystal bread. €16.50
Mature-beef sirloin with confit Ratte potatoes, baby vegetables and demi-glace. €19.50
Confit cod loin with pil-pil sauce, served with seasonal mash. €14.00
Black rice with seasonal cuttlefish, stewed calamari and mussels. €24.90 (person)
*Must be ordered ahead of time, minimum 2 servings  
Culinary desserts
Fruit salad €3.50
Housemade ice creams €4.50
*Ask your server for the flavours  
CASA SEAT signature desserts €5.50
*Ask your server for today’s specials  


Café Illy Espresso €1.80
Café Illy Cortado €1.90
Café Illy with milk €2.10
Café Illy with plant-based milk €2.20
Café Illy Carajillo €2.20
Café Illy Capuccino €2.40
Café Illy Americano €1.95
Café Illy Flat white €2.50
Café Illy Flat white with plant-based milk €2.60
Glass of milk €1.00
*If you bring your own reusable mug or glass, we’ll take off €0.10  
Breakfast Black Tea (Dammann Frères) €2.80
Gunpowder Green Tea (Dammann Frères) €2.80
Rooibos Vanilla Tea (Dammann Frères) €2.80
Pennyroyal Tea (Dammann Frères) €2.80
Chamomile Tea (Dammann Frères) €2.80
*If you bring your own reusable mug or glass, we’ll take off €0.10  
Orange juice (Cal Valls organic) €3.00
Peach and grape juice (Cal Valls organic) €3.00
Apple juice (Cal Valls organic) €3.00
Pineapple juice (Cal Valls organic) €3.00
Soft drinks
Water PET 0.33 L €1.10
Still water 0.5 L €1.90
Sparkling water 0.5 L €2.00
Coca-Cola €2.90
Coca-Cola Zero €2.90
Orange Fanta €2.90
Lemon Fanta €2.90
Nestea €3.00
Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water €2.90
Cacaolat (chocolate milk) €2.60
Estrella Damm draught €2.60
Estrella Damm 0.33 L bottle €2.80
Free Damm 0.33 L bottle €2.90
Damm Lemon 0.33 L bottle €2.90
Complot IPA €3.80
Malquerida Fresh Red by Ferran Adrià and Albert Adrià €3.00
Daura (gluten free) €2.90
Black vermouth (Casa Mariol) €5.00
*DO Terra Alta, made with white grapes, darkened with green walnuts, macerated and flavoured with local botanicals from Terra Alta. Vegan.  
White vermouth (Casa Mariol) €5.00
*DO Terra Alta, made with select white grapes, macerated and flavoured with local botanicals from Terra Alta. Vegan.  
Aperol Spritz €5.00
*Made with Aperol, Prosecco and soda  


White wine
  Glass Bottle
Casa Mariol Garnatxa Blanca €3.80 €13.00
*DO Terra Alta, 100% Garnatxa Blanca, organic and vegan. Harvested early for a wine with very fresh nuances.    
El Perro Verde 2021 €4.00 €15.00
*DO Rueda, 100% Verdejo. A great vintage, with the fruit in perfect harmony with the notes of white flowers and aromatic herbs.  
Llopart Vitis 2022   €17.00
*DO Penedès, 10% Muscat of Alexandria, 30% Subirat Parent and 60% Xarel·lo. Organically grown, intense and pleasant with good structure and floral undertones.    
Terras Gauda 2022   €20.00
*DO Rías Baixas, 70% Albariño, 22% Caíño Blanco, 8% Loureira. Fresh and full-bodied, with a bit of sweetness and a complex nose.  
Red wine
  Glass Bottle
Merlot Crianza Casa Mariol €3.80 €13.00
*DO Terra Alta, 100% Merlot. Low-temperature fermentation then aged in casks and bottle for 24 months. Vegan.    
Sierra Cantabria Crianza 2018   €17.00
*DOCa Rioja, 100% Tempranillo. The grapes are hand harvested and destemmed before being fermented between 25º and 28ºC.    
Syrah Reserva Casa Mariol   €18.00
*DO Terra Alta, 100% Syrah. Pellicular maceration for two weeks to boost the colour and aromas then aged in casks and bottle for 36 months. Vegan.    
Venta las Vacas 2020   €20.00
*DO Ribera del Duero, 100% Tinto Fino. Aged in American- and French-oak barrels for 10 to 12 months.    
Petit Pitacum 2021   €18.00
*DO Bierzo, 100% Mencía. Hand harvested and fermented for 15 days at 25ºC, then barrel aged for 3 months.    
Rosé wine
  Glass Bottle
Cara Nord Trepat Rosat 2021 €4.00 €17.00
*DO Conca de Barberà, 100% Trepat. The grapes are hand harvested, destemmed and cold fermented. Fermented in stainless-steel tanks and aged for 10 months.    
  Glass Bottle
Bocchoris Brut Nature €3.80 €13.00
*DO Cava, Macabeo, Xarel·lo and Parellada. Traditional sparkling wine aged for 9 months.    
Juvé & Camps Reserva de la Familia   €26.00
*DO Cava, Gran Reserva Brut Nature, Macabeo, Xarel·lo and Parellada. Aged for 36 months on average in the bottle.    
Juvé & Camps Milesimé Chardonnay   €55.00
*DO Cava, Gran Reserva, 100% Chardonnay. Aged for 36 months on average in the bottle.    
  Shot Cocktail
Seagram’s Gin €4.00 €10.00
Nordés Gin   €12.00
Monkey 47 Gin   €16.00
J&B Whiskey €4.00
Johnnie Walker Red Label Whiskey €4.00
The Glenrothes 12 Year Old Whiskey €8.00
Absolut Vodka €4.00
Havana Club 7 Year Old Rum €4.00
Orujo €4.00 €9.00
Herb Orujo €4.00 €9.00
Baileys €4.00 €10.00
Disaronno Amaretto €4.00 €10.00
Carlos III Brandy €4.00 €10.00

Prices include VAT

*Note to those with food allergies or intolerances:
We have information available on all the products we serve. Please speak to our staff if you have any allergies or intolerances.

This establishment has a complaints book available to our customers.

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