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Urban Culture

Illustrating cities: Inaugural event

May 9

6:30 pm

Exhibition catalogue

On 9 May, CASA SEAT will host the opening of the exhibition "Illustrating Barcelona" by The Barcelonian, featuring a unique selection of works that capture the essence of the city.

But that's not all. This inaugural event will also be a unique opportunity to meet the creators behind The Barcelonian's sister projects from other cities such as Zaragoza, the Canary Islands, Madrid and Mallorca. In a panel discussion, speakers will share their experiences and visions on how culture and mobility influence the creation of unique and differentiating illustration projects in each city.

Join David Maynar from The Zaragozian, Joan Aguiló from The Mallorcan, Darío Genuardi from The Canarian, Joaquín Aragón from Puceliner, Paola Luzio from The Madrileñer and Luisa Vera from The Barcelonian, in an event moderated by Inés García-Albi from The Barcelonian.

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